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If you like the atmosphere of the alcohol prohibition period of the 1920’s America then you’ll love Le Lavomatic.

Hidden away above a real laundry located on rue Boulanger, we access the bar behind a door disguised as a laundry machine. The door leads to a luminous space where only the ones ‘in the know’ find themselves in the mist of swings and cushy armchairs.

The atmosphere is offbeat and lighthearted. And the cocktails are delicious.

Le Lavomatic
30 rue René Boulanger, 75 011
Open  from Tuesday to Saturday de 19h -2h
Cocktails 9 et 12 €

Napoléon; Exhibition showing from the 6th of April to the 21st of July 2018. Free entrance.


Napoléon Stratège

Exhibition showing from the 6th of April to the 21st of July 2018. Free entrance.

You can assist the show that takes place every 30min in which Napoléon reviews his troops before going into battle.

For history fans, the Napoléon Stratège exhibition gathers paintings, maps, uniforms, personal objects, furniture and manuscripts. The exhibition pays tribute to Napoleon’s strategy, analysing famous battles such as the Pyramides, Austerlitz, Wagram, the Moskova and Waterloo.

A great exhibition.

Esplanade des Invalides

129 rue de Grenelle

75007 Paris

Les Parisiennes at the Folies Bergère from the 24/05 to the 03/06 2018. 

Les Parisiennes was the name of a popular 1960’s band composed of four singers who interpreted songs that we’re popular then.

For the 2018 version, Arielle Bombasle, Mareva Galanter, Inna Modja and Helena Noguerra reform the sexy quartet directed by Laurent Ruquier. Les Parisiennes keep spectators on the edge of their seat with a show that mingles singing, dance and comedy.

They will be performing six dates in Paris and more dates all over France. Don’t miss out on Les Parisiennes!

Les Folies Bergère
32, rue Richer
75009 Paris

Les parisiennes-Folies-Bergeres-Cabaret-Paris-Selectiondumois-Hotel_Sevres_Saint_Germain_Paris

Gustav Klimt, at the Atelier des Lumière : a unique experience at the heart of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele’s paintings.

For the one hundredth anniversary of the painters’ disappearance, l’Atelier des Lumière pays tribute to them through an immersive exhibition.

The principle of the exhibition is to offer spectators the opportunity to experience art differently. Spectators are plunged within the heart of Klimt and Schiele’s artworks through 140 videoprojectors dispersed over 3300 m2 of exhibition surface. 3000 images are projected on the ground, the ceiling and the walls to the music of Lucas Longobardi.

A unique experience not to be missed!

L’Atelier des Lumières
38 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris

The Lovers of Paris

Paris is reknown for being the city of love so if you are in the mood for a bit of romance, Delphine offers you the opportunity to explore Paris through its most beautiful love stories. During a 2h30min nocturnal walk in the footsteps of the greatest love affairs as well as dark fates. In the heart of the quartier Latin, Delphine leads you through the search of legendary couples ; Henri IV, Simon de Beauvoir, Sand et Musset… Romantic and in despair, they embody the thrill of love.
This guided tour is the opportunity to explore Paris differently and to penetrate alleyways and behind doors that are often shut.
A charming journey along alleyways, squares and palaces, and punctuated by anecdotes which will delight your curiosity.
Place of departure : Quartier Latin- 6ième arrondissement

8pm start on week days

5pm start at the weekends
Duration of tour : 2hr to 2h30
Minimum recommended age : 15 years old

Réservation :


Loulou ; the countryside in Paris.

With the arrival of warmer weather you may be longing for a meal outdoors on a peaceful terrasse. Is it actually possible to fnd a peaceful terrasse in central Paris ? Loulou is the musée des Arts décoratifs’ new restaurant.

The restaurant offers delicious cuisine thanks to the young chef Benoit Dragère, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a meal in a garden at the heart of Paris !
Designed by decorator Joseph Dirand, this beautiful spot is nestled in the heart of the Palais du Louvre’s gardens. You can come for tea, lunch or for a romantic dinner. Loulou is open 7 days a week from 12pm to 2am.

LOULOU – musée des Arts décoratifs
107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris
tél: 01 42 60 41 96

Stromae at the Bon Marché from the 7th of April till the 20th of May 2018

Stromae isn’t just a singer songwriter. He’s also a fashion designer ! Having left the limelight for two years, the young Belgian prodigy has chosen the Bon Marché to unveil the brand new collection of his label Mosaert.

Created by Paul Van Haver, username Stromea, his wife, Coralie Barbier, and his brother, the label discloses its fifth collection. The label’s DNA is marked by vintage and colourful coulors inspired from Africa.

This season the collection also includes retro wallpaper, sets of graphic print bed linens, a set of peacock blue bath towels, mismatched porcelaine crockery, cushions and embroided velvet tap-dancing shoes. The lot made in Europe. Fashion shows will be held with Stromae’s music playing in the background.

An event not to be missed !

Le Bon Marché

24 rue de Sevres

75006 Paris


Directed by Clément Hervieu Leger.

A Parisian aristocratic couple and their son, who is destined to marry, go off to the countryside. Upon their arrival, the handsome boy struggles to adapt to the provincial behaviour and language. This upsets his bride-to-be who decides to punish his arrogance.

Marivaux’s comedy takes place during the 18th century. It’s only being played for the third time since it was written as it was banned by king Charles VI and the Parisian society following its first two representations.

The wealth of costumes embarks the show in another sphere that only shows of the comédie française can do.

La Comédie Française is not just a theater but a French institution. Founded in 1680, its troupe is the eldest in the world. Each representation is the product of sophisticated craftmanship.

At la comédie française the show begins right from the moment you enter the room.

La Comédie Française
Place Colette
75001 Paris
Metro Palais Royal / Musée du Louvre


Who hasn’t ever dreamt of investigating the esoteric symbols hidden inside the Louvre’ s courtyard? An nocturnal guided visit offers you the opportunity to trace the history of the Louvre to discover the hidden symbols within its facades.

Though each era has marked this extraordinary monument, we owe it to Napoleon’s architectes for having hidden esoteric symbols  that only those ‘in the know’ can understand.

If you want to experience the Da Vinci code then this nocturnal exhibition is for you!

Place du Carrousel 75001 Paris
A partir de 14 ans.
Départ chaque soir : 19h30
Pour réserver vos places

Louvre_esoterique_da_vinci_code_napoleon_secrest_visite_nocturne_paves_secrets_hotel sevres_saint_germain
Cesar la retropsective_beaubou_hotel sevres saint germain_ art _contemporain

César : La Rétrospective (till the 28th of March 2018)

Following the twentieth anniversary of César’s passing, Le Centre Beaubourg pays tribute to the Marseillais artiste who marked contemporary art with his unique style.

La Rétrospective exhibits the artist’s experimental, shocking and intriguing sheet steel and compressed metal artworks (cars, cola cans, Jaguar, forks…).

The exhibition also includes Cesar’s ‘expansions’ which are timeless sculptures that reprepresent a variety of congealed liquids.

In addition, La Rétrospective displays the artist’s most controvercial artworks which denounces consumerism.



Centre Pompidou
Place Beaubourg
75004 Paris
Jusqu’au 23 mars 2018
Horaires : 11h-21h, fermé le mardi
Tarifs : 14€ tarif plein, 11€ tarif réduit