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Directed by Clément Hervieu Leger.

A Parisian aristocratic couple and their son, who is destined to marry, go off to the countryside. Upon their arrival, the handsome boy struggles to adapt to the provincial behaviour and language. This upsets his bride-to-be who decides to punish his arrogance.

Marivaux’s comedy takes place during the 18th century. It’s only being played for the third time since it was written as it was banned by king Charles VI and the Parisian society following its first two representations.

The wealth of costumes embarks the show in another sphere that only shows of the comédie française can do.

La Comédie Française is not just a theater but a French institution. Founded in 1680, its troupe is the eldest in the world. Each representation is the product of sophisticated craftmanship.

At la comédie française the show begins right from the moment you enter the room.

La Comédie Française
Place Colette
75001 Paris
Metro Palais Royal / Musée du Louvre


Louvre_esoterique_da_vinci_code_napoleon_secrest_visite_nocturne_paves_secrets_hotel sevres_saint_germain

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of investigating the esoteric symbols hidden inside the Louvre’ s courtyard? An nocturnal guided visit offers you the opportunity to trace the history of the Louvre to discover the hidden symbols within its facades.

Though each era has marked this extraordinary monument, we owe it to Napoleon’s architectes for having hidden esoteric symbols  that only those ‘in the know’ can understand.

If you want to experience the Da Vinci code then this nocturnal exhibition is for you!

Place du Carrousel 75001 Paris
A partir de 14 ans.
Départ chaque soir : 19h30
Pour réserver vos places

César : La Rétrospective (till the 28th of March 2018)

Following the twentieth anniversary of César’s passing, Le Centre Beaubourg pays tribute to the Marseillais artiste who marked contemporary art with his unique style.

La Rétrospective exhibits the artist’s experimental, shocking and intriguing sheet steel and compressed metal artworks (cars, cola cans, Jaguar, forks…).

The exhibition also includes Cesar’s ‘expansions’ which are timeless sculptures that reprepresent a variety of congealed liquids.

In addition, La Rétrospective displays the artist’s most controvercial artworks which denounces consumerism.



Centre Pompidou
Place Beaubourg
75004 Paris
Jusqu’au 23 mars 2018
Horaires : 11h-21h, fermé le mardi
Tarifs : 14€ tarif plein, 11€ tarif réduit


Cesar la retropsective_beaubou_hotel sevres saint germain_ art _contemporain
le_nouveau_restaurant_bistrot_parisien_chez_la_vieille_de_daniel_rose__ hotel-sevres_saint_germain_actualités_restaurant

Chez la Vieille, new Parisien restaurant.

 Chez la vieille is an institution situated near Les Halles where Parisian and gastronome clientele enjoy gathering around an exquisite meal. The place is nice and the atmosphere is friendly.

This institution has been redecorated by designer Eliott Barnes. The ground floor has been designed in a bistrot-like manner and its first floor into a 1930s dinning room.

In the kitchen, it’s American chef Daniel Rose who is in charge and who concocts his own take of traditional French dishes such as ‘la blanquette de veau’, ‘les rillettes de sardines’, ‘harengs pommes à l’huile’…giving a new edge to French cuisine !

Chez la Vieille,
1 Rue Bailleul
75001 Paris


Exhibition Alvar Aalto – Cité du patrimoine et de l’architecture

A retrospective of the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto is being held at la cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine.

This collection gathers the main architectural achievements and design pieces of the one known as the ‘Finnish wise’.

Renowned for the Paimio armchair and the Finnish Pavilion, Alvar Aalto has undoubtibly become an icon of modern furniture and an emblematic figure of Scandinavian design. Do not miss out on this exhibition!


Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine

Du 9 mars au 1er juillet 2018

Adresse : 1 place du Trocadéro
75016 Paris 16e

Métro : Trocadéro (6/9)


Comme à la Maison

« Comme à la Maison » is a grating tale on family, codes and about things that go unsaid.
Six characters sadistically unveil sordid stories and spill out their dirty laundry in public ! Remarkably led by Annie Gregorio, who plays the part of Suzanne ; the mother, family ties merge and break, and an abondance of reproaches arise.
It’s our own family affairs that are being played in a tooth grinding manner. We laugh full heartedly. It’s excessive and punchy !!



15, Rue Blanche

75009 PARIS

MoMA in Paris

Don’t miss out on MoMA’s Design Pop-up store ! It’s open till the 31st of December, inside Le Bon Marché which is only a strole away from l’Hôtel Saint-Germain.
New York City’s Museum of Modern Art is the first museum to have a department dedicated to architecture and design.
It’s in occasion of exhibition « Le MoMA à Paris », being held by La Fondation Louis Vuitton till the 5th of March 2018 and which exposes over 200 of MoMA’s major works, that Le Bon Marché is hosting a pop-up store of MoMA’s Design Store.
Le Bon marché
24 rue de Sèvres
75006 Paris

Hotel Sevres Saint Germain - Apeti


Located just a stone’s throw from the hotel Sèvres Saint Germain, rue du Cherche Midi, the Apeti restaurant offers its customers a 100% vegan, gluten-free cuisine based on raw materials and quality that have not been processed.

In this Zen space Hugues the founder of Apéti, Hugues Ducoin, welcomes you warmly as a renowned chef in the world of vegetable cooking, in a workshop open to an inner courtyard and the restaurant room.
The kitchen is surprising. Thuy Haf offers creative plates that vary with the seasons. Flavours are crispy and “Umami”.

Good Apéti!


“He really was the most. We played music, he was something else[…] and when he left his piano, it didn’t exist anymore… it wasn’t there any more… Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Novencoto. Last time I saw him, he was sitting on a bomb. No kidding. No kidding. He was sitting on a load of dynamite that was this big. A long story…”

André Dussolier brings this story to life every evening at the Théâtre du rondpoint with fervour and talent. Sometimes moving, often funny and with an overflowing energy André Dussolier who had the Molière of the best actor for this play, dances, sings, tap dancing or plays the trumpet. He takes the viewer aboard this extraordinary cruise ship to meet Novencento. This pianist who in 1920 was abandoned by a passenger of 3rd class on a piano and who was raised by the crew and knows no other universe than the sea.


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